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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Tool Box

by Kathleen Baughman

 This is my tool box just for quilting. I keep all the tools I use in here so I know exactly where there are . Now you see there are many things in there but I'm only going to show just you a few of them. I did notice that in an earlier post  by Annemart Berendse she wrote about the yellow needle puller, it sure helps when trying pull your needle through a thick spot like where the seams meet.

 The scissors that are my favorite, is a small pair of Ginghers.  They have such a nice feel to them . I also sometime have used a pair of snips but they are usually next to my sewing machine. I also have a needle magnet, it's the little round painted thing in the right corner. It is just so cute.

My thimble of choice is my Roxanne. I use to use a standard flat top thimble but I notice my hand was starting to hurt so I changed to this style and it has made a world of difference. That is my thimble bag I wear, so I don't leave my thimble somewhere and can't find it. Of course you haven't done that.
Well that's all for now. 
Till next time


  1. I like your needle magnet. Does it have a positive/negative pull that will enable it to stick to the top. One magnet on the bottom?

    Love your box as well!

  2. I like how organized your hand quilting stuff is. Very nice! And your needle magnet is very cute--love it!!

  3. I love your little thimble bag! I need one of those because I'm forever dropping my thimble and losing it in my leather chair!

  4. Glenn, yes that magnet has a neg/pos effect. There is a bottom magnet. You can't see it very well but there are painted items dealing with sewing on it.
    Caron, Thank you for the compliment on my bag. I made that a couple of years ago. It was a little beaded pouch pattern and I too thought it would make a pretty thimble holder. Saves my sanity


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