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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just a few tools for this beginner

by Haley Ping

I'm a beginning self-taught quilter (three finished quilts to my name -- two of them tiny, none larger than lap sized!) and don't have many quilting tools. Up until last Christmas I had the two larger scissors and a metal thimble (not pictured) I never use! The green handled scissor was a gift and is a Gingher, the medium sized is unlabeled but made in Pakistan (maybe a Singer?), and the large dress shears are Clauss made in the USA. I like them all and I've never had any trouble with any.

The newest item is the black leather thimble. I've only used it a few times when I couldn't get my needle through extra thick areas in my latest quilt. Before I just did without and used my harp callous on my middle finger (I play harp for fun) or something laying around like a book to push the needle through. I don't use the rocking method most quilters describe so maybe that's why I don't feel a thimble is necessary for me?


  1. we can keep it very simple can't we.

  2. I agree - we can keep it very simple. I also don't use the rocking method and I don't need a thimble. The only things I have around me while quilting are my between needles #11, a small scissor, a darning needle or watercolor pencil for marking and quilting thread.

  3. Just found this blog, and having a grand time reading through the archives. I use a flat paddle thimble for quilting (mentioned in one of the first posts on this blog) but I use the black leather thimble for piecing. Love it!


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