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Monday, November 21, 2011

The tools in my chubby little hands

By Berit Hansen Gilde

I don’t use many tools when I quilt – just a few essentials:

My trusty thimble, a silicon one from Clover, on my middle finger:

hånda mi over hånda mi under

Love it! Bright and pink, naturally…

A good pair of scissors:


And my favorite quilting thread:


These few but important items enables me to enjoy many hours of this:


I quilt without a frame. This works well for me, even though I know some quilters consider this to be a big no-no.

Enjoy your hand quilting, no matter what your favorite tools and ways are!


  1. You are so right... everybody has their own way of quilting and doing things, and what works for one person might not work for another. I like the looks of your Clover thimble. I think it might grip my finger better and actually stay ON my finger and not keep slipping off.

  2. it certainly doesn't take many tools does it to hand quilt - I do use a frame or a hoop but lot's of times when I get towards the end I just set it in my lap loosely and finish it that way. We have to do what works for us!

  3. I like those Clover thimbles too. I tried once quilting without a frame and it didn't work for me, but I do want to try it again as it can have many advantages :)

  4. This is why we love to hear about different techniques and tools, everyone has what works for them.


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