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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Modern Makeover Hand Quilting

Hello quilty folks out there in Blogland.

My Modern Makeover progress on my Good Earth Quilting Blog is going well and I'm enjoying it, even though my right hand has gone on strike for more pay and massage after starting hand quilting!

I started this wee quilt as a lap quilt using the theroy of negative space referred to in many Modern Blogger's posts. But I'm sorry, I just didn't get negative space and hand appliqued three leftover Hexie Flowers from previous projects. 

BUT as soon as I did that I really hated it and into the UFO bin it went. 

Then as part of my post on the multitudes of UFO's I admitted to this one became a real thorn in my side. I took it out and tacked it up in my studio, just so I got yell at it and lament on the Hexie mistake to the walls that never talk back, right?

But then this version left me feeling like it was destined for a serious haircut!

I became discouraged and put it aside again, while I persavered with other projects like my Pretty Petals that did get finished, but not hand quilted unfortunately.

Several months passed by and then it hit me like a thunder bolt, "CUT IT UP" came to my thinking and I was into it again like a dirty shirt!

Yes. I actually cut the bottom and top off and then the fun began. My oh my, its very freeing of your spirit and mind to just get on with it when nothing else seems to be the right fit.

I knew I was on the right track when this showed up on my design wall.

Now, many more months down the road, its all together and hand quilting has begun and its so nice to be here. Finally, I once had a quilt that took me 12 years to get it down and I called it "Canadian Birds Quilt" 

I'm taking my time with this one because my hands are a little rusty for hand quilting and they need time to adjust to this kind of hand stitching/

Thank you for leaving me comments, I love them all and will answer your comment or question.

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Happy Quilting!

Beginning Quilters: Let's Get You Started!

Have you thought about learning how to hand quilt?  Perhaps you've seen beautiful antique quilts... or quilts which are brand new and made by loving hands... And just maybe you've said to yourself, "I sure would love to learn how to do that, but I don't know where to begin."

You are not alone!  There are so many people who would love to start HAND quilting but don't know where to begin.  It's nice to take a class for beginning quilters, but sometimes it can be difficult to find such a class.  There are also many places online where you can learn how to quilt, including lots of YouTube videos! Here are a few good sites to try:

In addition to the links listed above, there is a large group of hand quilters on Facebook that you should consider joining.  This group of ladies and gentlemen (YES, men quilt, too!) is the most friendly bunch you could hope to meet.  They will answer questions, provide guidance, share what they know, and so much more!  If you haven't joined the Celebrate Hand Quilting Facebook group yet, please do so now!  

Posted by Caron Mosey

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spread the Love of Hand Quilting

 By Caron Mosey

  As people who are committed to hand quilting, I know we all cringe when we hear non-hand quilters say that “nobody hand quilts anymore.”  We know it just isn’t true!  So what do we do about it?

There is a LOT we can do – and some of it we are already doing!

·        We have the Celebrate Hand Quilting blog at  and we welcome writers to join us! (Contact Caron if you are interested by leaving a comment below or by sending her an email at caron mosey at gmail dot com).

·        We have the Celebrate Hand Quilting Facebook Group online at .  You can encourage hand quilters to join our group, or you can invite them yourself right on the group page!  Enter their email address in the top right area of the page, and they will receive an invitation to connect with other hand quilters!

·        You can teach hand quilting to one new person… or more than one person!  How about teaching a child?  Or an adult?  

·        Offer to teach a small group of children and their parent(s) how to quilt as part of a home schooling effort.  Often, quilting involves math.  Combining stitching with math will encourage both skills, and parents will love you for it!  A good basic starting pattern could be the easy Nine Patch Hand Piecing Adventure!

·        Do you take your stitching out in public with you? 
If you know you will have to sit and wait for something (the doctor, kids at sports practice, etc.) put a few sewing tools and bits of a project into a small tote or a ziplock bag, and take it with you!  Sit in public and stitch… and watch people be amazed that you’re quilting!

·   If you have a front porch that catches peoples eye, try sitting out front in beautiful weather and hand quilt. It won’t be long before you will be known as the “porch quilter” and people will be talking! GOOD!

·        Are you in non-hand quilting groups on Facebook or any other social media?  Toss a question out to those groups.  Ask something like, “Hey – am I the only hand quilter in this group?  Anybody else hand quilt?  Send me a message and let me know if you quilt!”  Then start up a conversation with them.  You might just make a great new friend!

·        Wear something that tells people you are a hand quilter.  It could be a necklace with a thimble charm on it, a tote bag that is hand quilted, or a shirt that says “Celebrate Hand Quilting" on it. 

Alright, it’s YOUR turn!  What else can we do to spread the love of hand quilting?  Leave a comment below this blog article (not on Facebook, please) so that others can read it.  When you’re done writing your comment, go make something quilty!  

Hand Quilting Podcast

Coming Monday, June 22, 2015: Join Caron Mosey as she talks with Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast! Show time is Monday at 4pm eastern, 3pm Central, 2pm Mountain, 1pm Pacific. Go to this link to listen: 

NOTE: Go to the link AHEAD of time so that you don't miss the show!


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dear Jane

By: Karen  Quilts…etc
I found out this morning that my Dear Jane quilt “Insanity Revisited” won best Hand Quilting in that category for Amy’s Quilt Festival that has been running the last two weeks.  I was very surprised that there were only 23 quilts entered in the hand quilting category.  There had been such a fuss made last year or the year before about that category being removed so Amy kept the category in the festival.  Thank you to anyone who gave my quilt a vote.  I hope in six months when the next festival is held that there will be more hand quilted quilts to see.  (the festival is held two times a year)   My quilt was one of 22 for Viewers choice and thanks for that also.  I am no longer a member of the Facebook Celebrate Hand quilting group as I am not on face book often so removed myself but I have been told that there are close to 10,000 members now – with that many hand quilters still out in the world there should have been many more entries!  I know this blog has become pretty inactive since the Facebook group started but maybe some of you still read it and can get the word out that the festival is two times a year.  If you save the link to Amy to your list of blogs that you read you can keep track of when it is held – spring and fall!  Here is the link to the close up of the quilt to show the quilt stitches - sorry I had forgotten that.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Oh Baby!

by Joy Rusonis

     My favorite quilt to make is a baby quilt. It’s a little odd when you think about it—I put hours and hours of work into an piece that I hope will be chewed, spit up on, thrown on the floor—and worse. But I really want my baby quilts to be used, loved, even worn out.

Nola's quilt
    The first baby quilt I made was for a special co-worker.  Her first daughter came a little later in life and not without a little heartache. When I offered to make her a quilt, I showed her some designs that I thought I could manage and took her fabric shopping where we talked about what she liked. We chose this Pam Kienholz design from a 2004 American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. I hand pieced and hand quilted it.

    When I gave her the finished project at her baby shower, she came to me with a kind of sad look on her face. Someone told her that she should display the quilt, rather than use it. I told her that the quilt was hers to do as she wanted, but that I made it with hopes that it would be used. It became the quilt that she used when she nursed her daughter Nola. At four, her daughter is still attached to the quilt.

For Benedicta
and Marcus
The next two were for twins! Wow, that was a big project. I wanted to make them similar, but not the same. The nursery colors were yellow and gray with an elephant theme. I found a great pieced elephant design by Miri at Milk and Honey Quilts. I used two different yellow fabrics and 30s reproduction fabrics. I used the same patterns in different colors for each quilt, with the exception of the log cabin and the Dresden plate.

Luca’s quilt was a joint project. My sister and niece wanted to help, so I sent everyone a few fabrics pieces and let them go from there. My niece made a beautiful pin-wheel design, and my sister made foundation pieced animals. My blocks were traditional designs. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting until they came in the mail and the blocks were not all exactly the same size, so it was quite an adventure to put together.
Luca's quilt
     I was running a little late with the next quilt, so I chose a Big Block Baby Quilt design from Quiltmaker magazine. It was machine pieced and hand quilted. While this is the simplest quilt, I really like the bold design and color and I will keep this pattern for when I need a quick and easy quilt.
Chloe's quilt
    I am currently planning my next baby quilt. Maybe someday, I’ll even get to make one for a grandchild of mine! I’d love to see your baby quilts, because I am always looking for my next inspiration.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

What happens to all those quilts?

By Joy Rusonis

 Wow, I was just to the Lancaster, Pennslyvania AQS show yesterday. What a  treat. I went with my sisters and we really enjoyed seeing the wide variety of quilts and hangings. I enjoyed the antique quilts and the hand quilted pieces the most.

        The question came up--what happens to all these beautiful pieces once they are no longer entered in shows? Do any of the full-sized quilts actually end up on beds, or are they too special to use? In fact, what happens to most of the quilts we make?

        I am in the process of quilting my first full sized quilt. It was a top made by my grandmother. I know there are some really fragile fabrics in it, so I will display it, rather than use it. When I am done, I want to make a queen size for my bed.

        Do you use your quilts? Collect them? Give them away?

        At quilt guild, one of the members shared her collection of quilts. Some were samples from shows that she bought "so she wouldn't have to make them." Some were quilts she'd made for others, but hadn't actually given them to the intended recipients. I was a little baffled by that train of thoughts but to each his own.

Val's farewell gift
Tony's quilt
Rei getting comfy

        I've given away a lot of the small pieces I've made. Some of the happiest gifts were baby quilts. I made this quilt for my son to take to college. It never made it there--he preferred a comforter, but he now uses it as a throw when he is watching tv so that makes me happy. I sometimes make gifts for people who are leaving at work.

        I work at a college, and have student help in the department. Some of the them are with us for four years and I get pretty attached to them. I started making them quilted objects when they graduate. I usually do a small throw or pillows. 

        One of my students sent me this picture of his beloved dog, enjoying his pillows.

Kiri's throw

I really didn't mind. I expect my gifts to be used; they are quick projects and I enjoy making them. However, I know that a lot of people have real horror stories about giving a quilt that took a lot of time and effort and seeing the quilts abused and ruined.

        I don't know if I will ever have enough time (and be a fast enough quilter) to make anyone a bed-sized quilt. If I do, I think I would make sure that they want a quilt, and then make sure that the quilt fits their taste. A bedroom is a really personal place and I wouldn't want someone else deciding what to make for my bed. And then I hope that I'd be strong enough to give the quilt and never worry about it again! Pretty tough to do!